Updated Package & Poster Design Sections

October 14th, 2013

Tender Loving Empire Northwest Pale Ale - Can design

Took me a bit but I finally shot, edited and posted product photos of all my package design projects from the last 2 or so years. Also put some newish posters in their section too.

Radiation City’s “Zombies”

August 10th, 2013

Two years ago a Portland-based, musically-inclined video production company called INTOTHEWOODS offered to shoot a music video for a band called Radiation City led by the director Matthew Gamlen. The song to which they intended the video to be cut is called “The Color of Industry” and appears on the band’s first full-length album entitled, The Hands That Take You. The video was shot in Portland and Astoria, Oregon but the production fell apart in post (missing editors, pneumonia, etc.) That video was never made but the footage remained intact.

The band recorded and release two records since then. The second of these two, titled Animals in the Median, needed music videos. I was very close to the initial production since I work at the band’s record label, Tender Loving Empire – I knew that there was footage. After hearing the record, and a particular tune called “Zombies” I decided to call upon the director to resurrect the fallen project and offered to re-cut it to this new tune. He complied. The new cut worked, well. He and I went on to polish the final cut. I did a rough color pass and he finished the color and added the final VFX.

PAPER Magazine was kind enough to premiere it in July, 2013.

Y La Bamba’s “Michoacán”

January 17th, 2013

Last summer Y La Bamba was getting ready to go on tour. Their 2nd full-length record had been out for 6 months and there hadn’t been a music video released to support the record. Tender Loving Empire commissioned this music video to help support the summer tour and finally get some video content under that band’s collective belt.

We conceived a simple concept that would showcase the band’s crown jewel, Luz Elena Mendoza. Luz is an enigmatic, captivating presence on stage and we wanted to capture that on video. Inspired by similar, memorable videos by Janelle Monae and D’angelo, we resolved to show the performer at her rawest. Luz and I shot this video one afternoon in her garage.

Due to the revealing nature of the video’s content Luz didn’t feel comfortable releasing it. Until now. In support of their new EP, Oh February, this video finally gets to see the light of day. Thanks to VICE for giving it a little push.

Promotional Video for Telegraph Mastering

January 15th, 2013

Adam from Telegraph Mastering and I have been talking about making a video promoting his services for some time. I shot this video just before the holidays and had it done in time for an early 2013 release. It was a pleasure to work with Adam. He’s an extremely articulate gentleman with an exceptional passion for his craft. Plus, his studio is gorgeous and dream to shoot in. Check out his operation at telegraphaudio.com

Hardwood Sign For TLE

January 15th, 2013

TLE Sign

Made this sign last month to hang as the centerpiece signage in the Tender Loving Empire retail store in downtown Portland. It’s a hardwood round, CNC’d with my vectored font treatment. I also hand-painted the sign and lacquered the wood to finish it off.


December 2nd, 2012

I’d like to take a second to introduce a project that I’ve been working on for the last year or so.

Generous is a pay-what-you-want social e-commerce platform that allows products to be shared to potential buyers across social networks, blogs or websites. Instead of a static price, sellers set a minimum price they are willing to accept for an item. Using the Generous slider, buyers select a price they think is fair, and if the price meets certain goals set by the seller, they receive special incentives.

We are building the tools that one would need to incorporate such a payment method into the way they reach customers online – whether you’re sharing on your social networks or embedding directly onto your blog or website.

To further encourage buyers to give a little more, at least 5% of every sale on Generous always goes to charity or non-profit of both the buyer and seller’s choosing. This focus on giving, we think, will put a little emotion back into online purchasing.

We’re focusing on the creative community as the folks most likely to adopt these tools. Think musicians, craftspeople, yoga teachers, independent software developers, game makers, movie makers – anyone who has ever thought it might make a little more sense to put some power back in the hands of the fans.

We’ve launched the sign-up page for our private beta that will be ready next year. Please take a sec to check it out, get familiar with the slider and if you like, sign up to receive an invite to test out the platform when it’s ready. If you have creative friends or know folks that work for non-profits please feel free to share this page.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me: andrew[at]genero.us


New Music Video – K Tranza

September 10th, 2012

K Tranza – Rulers of the Scene from K TRANZA on Vimeo.

Totally ecstatic to release this music video to the world! This mash-up monstrosity is a combination of psychedelic clips from the public domain. The original title clips were inspired by the intro to “Enter the Void”. You seen it? Watch it, unless you’re epileptic. Also, be sure to check out the amazing K Tranza, unless you don’t like awesome stuff.

Redefine Mag Q&A RE: Ice Palace

August 30th, 2012

Nice little write up here with an interview portion discussing the planning and execution of the “Ice Palace” music video.

Read it here.

Speaking at MFNW

August 26th, 2012

Im a panelist at this discussion on dancing in music videos during MusicFest Northwest. Should be fun.

Facebook event.

Y La Bamba Music Video

August 5th, 2012


Last thursday I shot a music video for the Portland band Y La Bamba. We hung a white back drop in singer, Luzelana Mendoza’s garage and did a very minimal performance piece. Due to the simiplicity of the footage I should have a final cut as soon as tomorrow. Ideally we’ll get it premired at the top of next week in time for their national tour.

I drew a bunch of inspiration from this classic: